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Story-Driven Puzzler WILL: A Wonderful World Brings Its Mature Themes To Switch Next Week


CIRCLE Entertainment has confirmed that WILL: A Wonderful World, a story-driven puzzle game, will arrive on Nintendo Switch next week.

We first heard about this one a few months ago, learning that the game features a unique mechanic which has you influencing the story by viewing and altering letters. Players can influence the characters within the game, with narrative threads said to often cross over "in smart and surprising ways". A mature story, WILL: A Wonderful World blends humour and charm with some challenging and hard-hitting themes.

WILL: A Wonderful World - by @wmy_studio - launches on the #NintendoSwitch eShop on 18th October in NA/EU/Aus & NZ, with a launch price of $11.99USD / 11,99. It's a narrative/puzzle game with loads of twists and an outstanding cast; check out a video teaser below! CIRCLE Ent. (@CIRCLE_Ent) October 8, 2018

A launch trailer is expected to arrive nearer to release, but feel free to check out. To have more help and advice concerning the most up to date jailbreak products concerning Nintendo Console; visit here.the game's feature list and a handful of screenshots below.


- Redesigned to perfectly tell the tale on Nintendo Switch.

- Receive letters from people seeking help. Investigate their situations and alter their fate.

- The stories of the characters are gradually revealed to you in their letters. From these letters you will learn about their lives and help solve their problems.

- Be sure to consider all details before making decisions; the fates of the characters depend on this. Life is full of surprises. Sometimes, thinking outside the box can uncover beautiful hidden gems. Refer to the talks with regards to sky3ds plus ,A crucial Nintendo3DS investigating community.Be bold, be brave, and create the best memories together with our heroes!

- Progress through the game and also learn more about the two gods, the mysterious girl and her companion.

- Enjoy punchy music and beautifully drawn stills and animations.


The game will be released on 18th October in all regions, costing $11.99 / 11.99 for its first week on sale, and then back to its standard price of $14.99 / 14.99 thereafter.

Are you intrigued by this one? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime Isn't Against Loot Boxes

Loot boxes are a controversial topic in the gaming industry, and for good reason. While some developers utilize them as a means to get exclusive, game-changing content, others use them simply for cosmetic items. For this reason, gamers are often split on the issue.

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime gave his take on loot boxes, and it might come as a surprise to some.

Loot boxes, broadly speaking, have gotten a bit of a bad rap. The game mechanic of buying something that youre not sure whats inside is as old as baseball cards, said Fils-Aime. What we believe at Nintendo is that a gameplay mechanic that offers the consumer something to buy that. In the event you require additional insight on the subject of the popular jailbreaking news about Nintendo Console, check this out.theyre not sure whats inside can be interesting as long as thats not the only way you can get those items. And thats where some developers have made some mistakes. As stated from the primary developer team concerning R4i B9S at .For us, its one of many mechanics we can use to drive on-going engagement in the game, he added.

Whats your take on loot boxes? Should Nintendo better implement them in future games? Chime in below, let us know!


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SNES Classic Mini Overview Videos

Nintendo has posted videos showing how the Super NES Mini works in more depth.

The Super Famicom edition is launching on October 5 in Japan for 7,980 yen, and features 21 games. As mentioned from the biggest designer groups for sky3ds for Nintendo 3DS .The Super NES Mini version launches in the West on September 29.

Notable from the video is a rewind feature that allows players to. In case you have extra advice relating to the most advanced cracking products concerning Nintendo Console; visit here.go back in time to correct their mistakes, such as if you die in a Mario game, saving people from having to reload their save.

[embedded content]

Check out the UK and US videos below.

[embedded content]

[embedded content]

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Team That Localised Fire Emblem: Awakening And Echoes Isn't Working On Three Houses

[embedded content]

When it comes to Japanese RPGs, sometimes the company handling the localisation is one of the most important facts for prospective players. Much more information relating to StarGate 3DS .A good localisation can enrich the game, while a bad one can impact the depth of the storyline and create a barrier between the game and the player.

8-4 is one of the most respected localisation teams in the business right now, and has worked on titles such asTales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World,Monster Hunter Tri,Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate andXenoblade Chronicles X.

However, it's the company's association with the Fire Emblem series which makes it such an esteemed name in the eyes of Nintendo fans. 8-4 localised Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon,Fire Emblem: Awakening and Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, which has led some to ask if it is involved in the upcoming Switch title, Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Sadly, the answer is no:

Lots of folks asking if were working on Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Not this time, sorry! But were crazy excited to play it when it launches, just like you! 8-4 Play (@84play) June 13, 2018

It would seem that Nintendo itself is looking to localise this one - just as it did with Fire Emblem Fates.Nintendo Treehouse, Nintendo of America's product development division, was in charge of that work, and some of the changes it made didn't. To discover more on the subject of the newly released jailbreaking tech with regard to Nintendo Console, visit here.go down all that well with fans.

Hopefully, we won't see a repeat of these issues with Three Houses.


Digital Foundry: Official Super Mario Galaxy Running On The Nvidia Shield

The hardworking team. If you ever still are looking for extra related information relating to the state-of-the-art crack products relating to Nintendo Console, check this out.over at Digital Foundry has provided some high quality footage of the critically acclaimed Super Mario Galaxy running on the Nvidia Shield platform. Its an official port from Nintendo and is the first time it has officially been seen in HD as the game originally released on the SD Wii. Make reference to the discussions associated with R4 3DS,An important Nintendo3DS investigation community.Take a watch of the video down below.

How might Wii games run on Switch? Well heres a potential answer with Nintendos support we have Super Mario Galaxy officially running on an Nvidia Shield TV using the same Tegra X1 part as its hybrid console. This is thanks to a very accomplished emulator running behind the scenes, though there are plenty of pros and cons to this approach as Tom and Rich discuss.

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